Workshop Take Away Playset


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  • The Workshop Take Away Playset comes complete with all the appropriate accessories and necessary tools such as screwdriver, drill, wrench, saw, hammer, cutter, wood, pliers, bolts, screws and more for them to build whatever their imagination can muster. It even has its own mobile work bench! Ease your worries as your children are completely safe playing with the accessories and tools included in the Workshop Take Away Playset as they are made especially sturdy and from safe durable material which ensures that your kids are never in harms way playing with them.

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The Playset helps improve their basic learning skills such as being able to utilize the right kind of tools for appropriate situations, basic math and vocabulary building as well as a perfect way to learn about safety and working together with their siblings and friends. As they manipulate their imagination to repair their toys or build their playhouse, they can learn how to identify the right tools for the right job, the art of using tools, matching shapes, sizes as well as recognizing tools, learning new words and identifying colours. The playset can be packed neatly for that mobile charm.
Product size: 42 x 25,5 x 66 cm.
Recommended ages: 3+

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