Furniture Lifter


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  • Brand: Others
  • Weight: 1 Kg (approx.)

  • There is probably no easier way to pull a muscle than moving furniture unprepared. Indeed, even lifting weights at the gym is less problematic, and most people take the time to stretch before committing to vigorous exercise. Furniture Lifter are ideal for anybody that wishes to move heavy items around the home with ease.

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The Furniture Moving System makes the bold claim that the unique Power Bar included in the box gives the user around 10 times their natural strength. It also has a rubber tip to protect furniture, and an ergonomic design to prevent back injury. The top of the individual rectangular furniture slides is sticky and keeps a firm grip of any item placed on top of it. Best of all, the furniture slides come apart to reveal a different textured base, ensuring they are suitable for use on both carpeted and hardwood floors as well as tiled surfaces.
Material: PP+Sponge+steel tube

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