Flexible LED Light Strips


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  • Brand: Others
  • Weight: Kg (approx.)

  • These kits can be used for accent lighting, power outages, dark closets, camping, drawers, under-cabinets and a much more (application photos below). Because the light strips easily contour around curves and are installed by peeling the stick backing, they can be used almost anywhere by anyone looking for quick and easy lighting.

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Comes in the standard or high density LED flex strip.
Installation - 4 easy steps
1. Fill battery holder with AAA batteries
2. Peel adhesive backing off strips/battery pack
3. Mount wherever you need
4. Switch on!
Easily contours around curves and angles
Peel and stick backing
Super-slim, discreet design
9 ultra-bright LEDs in each strip
LEDs last 100,000+ hours!
No tools, no wiring, no outlets

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