Flat Ball P3 Throw Disc Ball


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  • Throw a disc, catch a ball!
    The Flat Ball P3 Disc is a fun toy that transforms from a 9-inch flying disc to a 6-inch diameter ball when thrown. Its flexible soft plastic material provides a comfortable grip for active play.

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Throw a disc, catch a ball!
Flat Ball P3 Disc is a unique sports toy that transforms from a flying disc to a ball when thrown!
Its variable time-delay feature provides a surprise transformation which adds fun to gameplay or just having a catch!
Flat Ball P3 transforms from a 9" flying disc to a 6" ball
Recommended to Children aged 5 and up

There are many ways to play the Flat Ball P3 Disc, one example as below:
Objective of the game: Be the last player in the game.
Before play, players sit or stand facing each other in a circle.
One player sets the time delay by collapsing Flat Ball into a disc.
The disc is then tossed from player to player in a counter-clockwise direction.
The player who first touches Flat Ball after it 'pops' into a ball is out.
The game continues until one player is remaining.
Transforms from a disc to a ball
Packs flat for easy portability
Pops open at Random
Hours of fun
Size: 15*37cm
Package include: 1x Outdoor Flying Ball Toys

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