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Automatic Sauce Stirrer


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  • Weight: 1 Kg (approx.)

  • Automatic Sauce Stirrer place this helpful little device in your pan, set the stir speed and it autonomously spins and revolves smoothly around the pan. While it's stirring away, a mini spatula on one of the legs helps to keep food from sticking to the pan and burning. It features three removable stainless steel legs, non-stick and heat-resistant silicone feet and can be used in sauces up to 4" deep. Great for sauces, soups, custards, gravy and much more.

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Use Stir Crazy as an aid to preparing sauces.
Care should always be taken with hot sauces.
Stir Crazy should never be left unattended.
With Stir Crazy, all sorts of custards, sauces and soups can be stirred automatically.
Will stir for up to 4 hours
Heat and non-stick pan safe.
Legs are dishwasher safe (battery unit needs to be hand washed).
With 3 different speed for your needs.
Easy to install and use.
Blender Size: 19 x 4 CM (H x W)
Power Req:  4x AA batteries. (Batteries not included).

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