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Automatic Magic Soap Dispenser


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  • SKU: SHA 7142
  • Brand: Others
  • Model No: EA-841
  • Weight: 0.5 Kg (approx.)

  • Soap Magic Dispenser uses motion sensing technology to dispense soap, it works like magic. Just wave your hand under it and the motion-activated dispenser lights up, spits out a perfect portion and chimes when finished. Creates a sanitary and healthier home or work environment.

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Soap Magic will work with all kinds of liquid soaps, dish-wash liquids, body lotions, shampoos, hand sanitizers.
With bar soaps you can transfer the germs from hands to it. The same applies to regular soap dispensers when you touch it with dirty hands. But the Soap Magic dispenser will stay germ-free because your hands never has to come in contact with it.
With three settings to dispense different amounts of soap, simply wave a hand under the dispenser and the motion –activated dispenser lights up, spitting out the perfect portion of soap, followed by a chime sound
Pop-up lid for easy refills
Built-in Infrared smart sensor.
Fully automatic and completely touch-free operation.
No-drip innovation eliminates both waste and counter top messes.
LED indicator inside the translucent tank illuminates with soothing mood light when dispensing.
Low battery s by flashing the light intermittently.
Smart-looking and elegant compact design.
Clear window shows fill level.
Capacity: Approx 400 ml

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