Automatic Drink Dispenser


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  • Never experience milk, juice or water spills again because the bottles were too heavy. The Magic Tap is the solution to your drippy drinking problems! It's a battery powered dispenser which can be used on any type of bottle, allowing kids and adults alike to simply press their glass against the tap and enjoy their drink!

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Universal cap fits most containers Touch trigger to pour Prevents drips and spills
Can be used with hot or cold beverages
Great for milk, juice, water, and other non-carbonated beverages
Eliminates pouring and heavy lifting
Easy use for kids without spilling drinks all over the floor
Suitable for homes with kids and senior citizens who shouldn't be lifting heavy bottles Prevents spills and drips on countertops, floors and in the refrigerator
Simply press your glass against the dispenser and enjoy your drink effortlessly
Battery operated 

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
Easy to clean 
Portable and convenient 

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