Bored of those old Fashioned car tissue box holder on you dashboards. Get this Car Tissue Holder which is easy to use and yet very attractive items for your car. Just fit this Tissue holder box on your car's Sun - Visor.

AED 29

Three color magic glasses in glasses
Strong magnetic lenses Anti-far strong magnet light pressure
Lenses Color: Blue, Transparent, Golden

AED 39

For children weighing between 9 and 36 kg (aged approximately 1 to 12 years)
Optimum side impact protection; additional padding in headrest and seat
Height-adjustable headrest

AED 269

Car Seat Baby Car Seat Portable Child Automotive Safety Seats Kids Outdoor Handle Cradle

AED 194

Double duct and double motor design improve the exhaust speed effectively Solar and battery switch control, can control the solar battery used separately
Temperature display, the temperature change inside the car can be observed directly
Outer solar panel, multi-angle adjustable, can effectively absorb sunlight
Sustainable use in the rainy day
Simple installation and strong practicability

AED 49

The new and improved Car Gap Filler Side Console is here to rescue you from falling messy things beneath your car seat! Guaranteed to provide a higher interior storage space. It has a universal design to fit most of the car seat gap and made out of leather material durable enough for everyday use. Aside from its dashing look, it contains an easy to reach cup holder plus a coin slot organizer.

AED 64

Portable Air Compressor is your own personal, portable pressure pump! This super-handy, hand-held air compressor is powered from the 12v outlet in your car so it's always ready to go! Inflates tyres in minutes- it's your handy roadside saviour!

AED 84

The portable safety seat is treated as the savior of baby’s safety. Portable and Foldable: Can also be used on dinner table chairs, airplanes, taking it on vacation or trips, even golf carts and camping!

AED 64

Full size seat topper massager. It has an elastic strap for strapping onto chairs and car seats. Great for home, office or cars and adapter is included.It has 5 massage motors in 3 massage zones and also a heat function. It helps relieve stress, tension, pain and provides relaxation.You can use it at home while reading, watching TV etc. or in your car. The multi function wired remote control provides off and hi/lo intensity levels for upper back, lower back and neck areas.The heating function provides soothing heat and helps relieve pain in the back. Great for everyone, especially People who sit for long hours or drive a lot.

AED 79

Good to be able to have access to important things without having to hunt for them in the car. Fashion design and convenient to use. Versatile organization and endless configurations help to hold items firmly in place

AED 20

Car Drinks Holder is a great way to keep your drink cool without holding it, making it ideal for those long distance drives. The Drinks Holder folds down allowing the drink to be held securely, preventing spillage. The Holder also has a vent in, as not to obstruct the cars vent whilst closed. Holds Drinks Securely

AED 25

Road warriors and commuters rely on a smooth-ride impression at the end of the trip. Treat their coats and jackets to a wrinkle-free ride, with a durable steel car coat hanger that fits securely between headrest posts and features sliding, adjust-to-fit arms that hold through every bump and turn in the road.

AED 35

Body and sponge base plate are integrated, avoid dropping and burning out. High performance motor, durable and you can finish with less effort. Lightweight and portable, easy to use and carry

AED 79

The Drop Stop Automotive Car Seat Gap Filler is an ideal choice for cars, trucks and SUVS. It blocks that gap between your seat and center console where many people commonly drop important items. It blends in with just about any interior color, and it smoothly moves back and forth with seat adjustments.

AED 25

Body Massage Pillow Massage Nodes Neck and Back Massage Pillow Infrared Heat Function For Home & Car

AED 69

Portable handle locks instantly into the door latches of any car. Simply open your door and snap it on! Car Cane locks into place and will not move.

AED 19

Night View Glasses turn fuzzy and dull into clear and bright, especially at night. Night View NV Glasses cut down the glare from headlight and streetlight, reducing eye strain. 

AED 19
Car Cooler and Warmer Car Cooler and Warmer
31 % OFF

Serves dual purpose of cooling as well as warming food and beverages. Can cool to 20C below car's cabin temperature (up to +5C) and heat up to +65C.

AED 259 AED 179
Pops Car Dent Repairing Device Pops Car Dent Repairing Device
26 % OFF

Developed and utilized by professional auto-body experts. Unique patent-pending arched bridge design eliminates the chance for additional damage. Other systems without  arched bridge design are known to actually add dents to a car!

AED 39 AED 29

The Catchy Caddy is a revolutionary way to catch phones, food, and other valuables that fall victim to the black hole that’s in between car seats. Catch Caddy catches everything before it drops, and it’s one size fits all. Its sleek black design blends in with the hole, making it discreet. Installation only takes seconds, and you can also use it to store various things. Besides that, it’s durable and can be washed so it doesn’t gather crumbs.

AED 20
EZ Jet Water Cannon EZ Jet Water Cannon
44 % OFF

Wash your home exterior, cars and even water your plants with the EZ Jet Water Cannon that boasts 8 water pressure settingsThe EZ Jet Water Cannon combines the power of a pressure washer with the convenience of a hose, using 8 built-in nozzles

AED 79 AED 44
HD Vision Visor HD Vision Visor
59 % OFF

When you are driving a car, the sun is blinding you and visor hiding you vision? And driving at night, the headlights blinding you come across the way? HD Vision Visor is a solution! HD Vision Visor includes two sun-protective transparent daytime for use at night,

AED 49 AED 20
5 in 1 Car Multi Function Cup Holder  5 in 1 Car Multi Function Cup Holder 
41 % OFF

Convert your cup holder into multipurpose holder with this tool. Have the following useful holder by installing this in your cup holder
Smart phone holder
Drin and Tumbler Holder
Sunglass Holder
Card and Coin Holder
Small Accessories Holder

AED 49 AED 29
Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Car Travel Inflatable Mattress
41 % OFF

Car Inflatable Air Bed can allow you to park at campsites and get a good night's sleep without paying expensive hotel fees. Suitable for back seat of most car models. Easy to inflate / deflate, convenient to carry.

AED 159 AED 94
Portable Car Washer Portable Car Washer
44 % OFF

With the portable Automatic Car Washer, you can wash your car from a distance of 10 feet without the need to moving yourself. 

AED 194 AED 109
Water Gun with Hose and Submersible Pump Water Gun with Hose and Submersible Pump
44 % OFF

12V/220V vehicle mounted electric car washing gun. The most powerful washing tool. The main frame can stretch into the river or the bucket directly which can get the water unlimited. A light weight Small and convenient car washing machine.

AED 124 AED 69
Easy View Adjustable Back Seat Mirror Easy View Adjustable Back Seat Mirror
51 % OFF

Easy View seat mirror rotates 360 degrees and pivots on a ball and socket for the perfect angle to view an infant, without moving your rear view mirror. Attaches securely to the middle of any headrest. Easy View does not block rear visibility and does not need to be positioned directly over a child. The shallow convex shape offers the largest, clearest reflection of any back seat mirror. See your baby and see the road easily with Easy View. 

AED 39 AED 19

The Suction Anchor Plus is a better way to secure almost anything.No more worries about loads that are not safely secured

AED 29
Multi Function Vehicular Rubbish Bin Multi Function Vehicular Rubbish Bin
50 % OFF

Have this easy to install rubbish bin in your car to maintain sanitized interior. Elegantly design to fit and adapt in luxurious car style.

AED 60 AED 30
Back Seat Organizer Back Seat Organizer
51 % OFF

Adjustable buckle design, easily attach to most seat backs

AED 49 AED 24
Automobile Swivel Tray Automobile Swivel Tray
24 % OFF


AED 25 AED 19
Seat Side Car Valet Seat Side Car Valet
59 % OFF

Easy installation, beautiful and practical. It can provide you a clean and tidy environment in the car

AED 49 AED 20

Using pure cotton and cushion shoulder belt design, it would not hurt the baby in long-term using.

AED 54

Powerful suction.Compact and lightweight.Used directly from the car lighter socket.Complete with convenient attachment and washable filter.Controlled by ON / OFF switch, easy to use.Suit for home,office ,travel and all vehicles

AED 19
Solar Wireless Car Auto Cooler Solar Wireless Car Auto Cooler
34 % OFF

Park your car in an outdoor space might give you an easier access to exit the lot, but the hot sun rays has transformed into a four wheels steamer once you open the door.

AED 29 AED 19
Car Plug Air Humidifier Purifier Car Plug Air Humidifier Purifier
51 % OFF

Mini Aromatherapy Car Humidifier works as both air humidifier and aroma diffuser. 

AED 39 AED 19
Trunk Organizer and Cooler. Fully Collapsible and Portable Trunk Organizer and Cooler. Fully Collapsible and Portable
36 % OFF

The perfect companion for road trips, picnics, office trips, school and more! Great for grocery shopping trips.

AED 69 AED 44

Plug the Car Charger into the cigarette lighter and insert the connector of car charger adaptor into the PDA to realize recharging . Fits in most cup holders.

AED 24
Car Sun Shade Car Sun Shade
47 % OFF


AED 19 AED 10
USB Car Charger With Bluetooth FM Transmitter USB Car Charger With Bluetooth FM Transmitter
56 % OFF

New Bluetooth MP3 Player FM Transmitter Hands-free Car Kit Charger, which support USB driver and Micro SD card and can automatically play and transmit the MP3 files of USB driver and Micro SD card after matched with your radio by the frequency.

AED 89 AED 39
USB Car Charger with Hands-free, MP3 Player & FM Transmitter USB Car Charger with Hands-free, MP3 Player & FM Transmitter
30 % OFF

Easy to use, just connect bluetooth between cellphone and FM transmitter, answer calling or playing music become so easy, ensure your safety. Wirelessly Play Music, Make hands-free calls and Charge your device with the advanced Superior design of the FM Transmitter Car Kit.


AED 99 AED 69

4 port car car charger makes the charging easily. Smart size,easy to carry,good looking,confortable touch

AED 39

It's a pain when you find the low battery warning shows up on your smartphones when you on the road. You can find many car chargers on the market, but this car charger is a unique piece, because the charger has a bluetooth earpiece that can be charged when the charger is inserted on the cigar lighter of your car.

AED 99

2 in 1 Car Charger Allows you to charge your devices in your car. With a compact design keeping your dashboard clutter free


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