Just crack open the eggs, pour into an Egglettes cooking cup, boil and serve

AED 39

Stainless steel material, not easy to fall off, good for your health and the environment.
High temperature resistant, can be used directly in high temperature oil.
Concave serrated clip, firmly pinch food.
Grid filter to fast filter oil.
Clipping and filtering oil in one step.

AED 19

Double Layer Storage Box Organizer for Dried Fruit Candy Snack, Nut Holder, etc

AED 19

Better Sponge is a silicone dish sponge with thousands of finger-like projections that assist in cleaning. A typical kitchen sponge is a synthetic imitation of a natural sponge. These cellulose fiber imitations have a porous surface which helps grab dirt and grime when scrubbing or wiping. Over time, however, they wear out and begin to smell bad. Now with Better Sponge, we have a Sponge that uses small silicone finger that can be used to scrub or scrape. Its design also makes it more pliable, allowing you to reach traditionally hard to reach places, such as the inside of a thin glass or in tight corners. It doesnt wear out quickly or hold odors.

AED 29

Cutters are cast aluminum and revolve on a steel axle with hardwood handles. Accurate dough cutting minimizes dough trimmings

AED 34

Top grade silicone material, healthy and strongly heat-resistant, which can well protect your hands from scald. Fashion design with delicate stripe patterns, beautiful and slip resistant.

AED 15

The Pluck is a pretty useful little gadget designed to offer you a handy way to separate egg white and yolk for a great healthy breakfast.

AED 19

Prevents hair and wastage of food from entering your drain and instead it stays on this catcher which you can easily pick and remove and throw off.This has made it so much convenient.

AED 17

Durable Stainless Steel Perforated Colanders last longer than mesh colanders and allow fast, thorough draining.

AED 29
Automatic Sauce Stirrer Automatic Sauce Stirrer
51 % OFF

Automatic Sauce Stirrer place this helpful little device in your pan, set the stir speed and it autonomously spins and revolves smoothly around the pan. While it's stirring away, a mini spatula on one of the legs helps to keep food from sticking to the pan and burning. It features three removable stainless steel legs, non-stick and heat-resistant silicone feet and can be used in sauces up to 4" deep. Great for sauces, soups, custards, gravy and much more.

AED 49 AED 24

You can do twenty kinds of models, it also offers four nozzles, biscuit machine can also be used handmade decorative cake. Include 3 parts: 1 Cookie press machine; 20 different flower pattern pieces; 4 different mounted flower mouth

AED 29

Make fabulous creations like StufZ Stuffed Burger Maker. Now you can make delicious, mouth-watering sandwiches filled with your favorite condiments. Let your imagination run wild as you come up with interesting and tantalizing new ingredients. With StufZ Burger Maker, you can fill the burger center with cheese, mushrooms, garlic, onions, pickles, peppers or whatever tasty items you can dream up.

AED 19

End your nightmare of peeling hard boiled eggs with this kitchen Tools. A container design to boil eggs without a shell. It mimic boiling of egg with shell while providing an easy way to slide it out. It makes the bottom of the boiled egg flat that enables you to easily decorate and serve. Cooking hard boiled is versatile with this tools, as you can also put seasoning to the egg before boiling it.

AED 14

For Quick and Easy measuring ,Mixing and preparing of marinades,sauces,dressing,cream etc.

AED 24

A versatile kitchen tools. Have this bottle kit to decorate and apply dressing on your dish. Comes with 2 nozzle tip to design pastry or dessert dish and brush tip to apply dressing and sauces on meat, vegetables or fish dishes. Comes along with 2 airtight caps to easily stored excess sauces and dressing.

AED 20

Multi Function Electric Vegetable Corer allows you to prepare stuffed vegetables quickly and without pain. Vegetables remain whole pieces and thus very fragrant.

AED 54

Preserves and protects food from air and moisture loss, reducing the chance of food spoilage. Extends food freshness 2 to 3 times longer. Retains the Color, taste, smell and nutritional value of food. Makes food easier to transport and store.

AED 69

Use for deep frying, steaming, boiling, and cleaning vegetables. Cook pasta inside the Magic Kitchen, lift, and transfer directly to the plate

AED 24

STRETCH & FRESH reusable food wraps extend the freshness of foods better than foil, plastic wrap or wax paper. Flexible covers easily stretch over bowls, dishes, plates, even fruits, vegetables and more for a secure seal; transparent design allows easy viewing of food inside.

AED 19
Easy Dish Washer Easy Dish Washer
30 % OFF

Cleaning glasses & dinner plates can be a real pain, but not with easy dish, just dip, spin & rinse.

AED 84 AED 59

Why angry cleaning your microwave if “ANGRY MAMA” can do and help you out? Introducing the easy way to clean messy, hard, crusted microwave. Just place it inside the microwave containing water and vinegar, microwave for 7 minutes and wipe away the stain of your microwave with cloth. The secret lays on its heads. It allow vapor to come out which react to the stain to soften it and disinfect.

AED 20
Frozen Fruit Dessert and Ice Cream Maker Frozen Fruit Dessert and Ice Cream Maker
32 % OFF

No more throwing out the extra fruit! Freeze it and turn it into a healthy frozen dessert. The Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker makes your favorite fruits into a soft serve frozen dessert in seconds! Peel, cut and freeze the fruits- insert them, a delicious and healthy dessert is served! Use only with ingredients you consider best for you and your family.

AED 124 AED 84

Attractive warming baskets and stones keep bread oven-toasty.

AED 59

The cooked corn simply slides into the tube and then you put the top on, use the stainless steel plunger to remove the kernels and then remove the lid and the plunger. Leaving you with a stripped corn on the cob, the mess completely contained. Then, just use the yellow plunger to remove the cob from the stainless steel plunger.

AED 29

Does your hot drink getting cool or cold drink getting warm while you drink it slowly? USB Cooler and Warmer can help you to solve such problem. This cool USB gadget combining with both chilling and warming technology, you can keep your beverage chilled or warmed and stay at your computer for longer time.

AED 54

VegiDrill is a revolutionary new patent corer for making stuffed fruit and vegetables. Perfect for all soft and hard fruit & vegetables. Saves time and no effort needed in preparing vegetables for stuffing. No more wasted time in the kitchen. Can also be used to make appetizer platter dishes of fruit and vegetables filled with cheese. Includes handle and 4 different circular head driller sizes to suit different vegetable sizes. Just insert one of the drilling heads to the handle and turn. No batteries or electricity required. Small and easy to clean.

AED 20
Ice Crusher Ice Crusher
51 % OFF

Makes snow cones, icy slushes and fruity drinks at home with this Mini Snow Cone Maker.

AED 69 AED 34
Double Dish Snack Bowl Double Dish Snack Bowl
50 % OFF

The Double Dish Snack Bowl makes it simple to discreetly discard the leftover shells, wrappers, pits, and toothpicks from your favorite snacks.

AED 40 AED 20

Need help storing your best kitchen knives? Keep them handy, right in arms reach with Magnetic Knife Holder! This amazingly lightweight yet extremely powerful knife bar keeps knives at hand without the hassle of rummaging through drawers. 

AED 19

A really worth the money spent, in saved time and frustration. It will peel, core and slice an potatos and apple as fast as you can turn the handle. You’ll probably peel more potatos and apples then you need, just because it’s neat to watch it work.

AED 39

A hardwearing stainless steel wire grill brush to help keep both charcoal and electric barbecue grates free of food debris. Wide and flexible, it cleans the hard to reach spaces between the rods and around grate edges. It also has an ergonomic handle for a secure grip.

AED 29

You know summer is coming when you see your neighbors outside firing up the grill. Grilled hamburger party is always fun, but shaping those patties not so much. It is hard to form even weight and size by feel alone, and most of the times you will end up with mess and cramped hands. Hamburger Presser has come to the rescue! It allows you to grill with uniform results and perfect thickness control. 

AED 24
Electric Ice Cream Maker Electric Ice Cream Maker
25 % OFF

Diversity flavor ice cream can be made / fruit ice cream / ice cream / chocolate ice cream

AED 79 AED 59

Single Furnace Food Warmer keeps food warm and is space-saving. Through a heat-spreading aluminum holding grill that conveniently uses a tealight candle to operate. 

AED 35

The Flavor Enhancer Tenderizer & Injector Marinator allows you to safely tenderize and flavorize meat at the same time. Features stainless steel blades that pierce the meat to tenderize while the 3 flavor needles inject the marinade of your choice. Simply pull up the plunger and remove completely from the marinade tube. 

AED 29

Easily make healthy and delicious frozen treats,Set of 6 vibrant colors, comes with matching lids

AED 24
Better Strainer the expandable strainer Better Strainer the expandable strainer
21 % OFF

Great For The Kitchen, Barbeque And Handling Other Hot Surface

AED 18

Fit perfectly around corn contour. Comfortable shape for corn stripping

AED 15

Ceramic Heating Head Can Be More Durable, Provides Better Heat Resistant Function Compared With Plastic Heating Head

AED 10

We tend to buy in large quantity items in order to save. We frequently buy foil packed goods because it’s cheaper compared to those commodities packed in resalable bags, cans or bottle. With this in mind we must have a way to maintain the freshness of goods for longer time. Sometimes we tend to buy big containers to place all this goods at once, but this solution consumes a lot of space. Try to consider buying small containers and reseal the left over with this Easy Reseal and Save. This tool can reseal all plastic bags and keep food airtight and watertight.

AED 18

Get peeling with the Rapid Peeler. Efficient and effortless, the Rapid Peeler removes a thin ribbon of skin from fruits and vegetables without waste or effort. 

AED 69
8 in 1 Kitchen Bowl Set 8 in 1 Kitchen Bowl Set
51 % OFF

Compact Nesting Kitchen Prep Set with Measuring cups made of durable food-grade plastic

AED 69 AED 34

Meatball maker, more convenient and practical. Clean and healthy

AED 24

Stay healthy by taking regularly fresh juices. Have one of this Citrus juicer in your kitchen to make sure you can prepare a Citrus Juice every time you want it. A perfect companion for people with busy life style and want to maintain their healthy habits as it is easy to use and clean.


Creates delicate foam for homemade lattes, cappucinos, hot chocolates.Make your milk all frothy, great for making cappuccino, white coffee and milk shake at home


Making Instant Drinks is now more innovative thanks to Self-Stirring Mug. Design to make coffee, tea, flavored drinks in one press of button. No more hassle preparing, no more spoon needed, as it stir the drink by pressing the button.

AED 19

Create a Perfect Roll of Stuffed Food. Prepare Dolma, Stuffed Cabbage Easily

AED 15

Citrus juicer Tool to drink citrus juice daily or any time


Planning mashed potatoes for dinner? Try this easy to use smasher with pump action. This is an innovative tools use to easily mash your potatoes, pumpkins and other vegetables for soups. It comes with a pump action design to speed up mashing your boiled veggies.

AED 15

Apply edible oil inside the machine then after applied the oil put mixing flour or maked in side the machine,press and lift the machine booth quickly repeat this process and will get same size Loqumat

AED 15

Life in the kitchen is easier when you use the right tool for the task. Great for cooking and casual dining, our high quality natural wood pepper mill reduces whole peppercorns to the perfect consistency for general seasoning.

AED 18

Perfect for washing rice and avoid losing some down the drains.


Easily removes the core from apples. Blade is made of Stainless Steel, durable and rust-resistant

AED 15

A wonderful kitchen must have tool for preparation of food in can or bottle.
Flip up the swivel handle to open cans. Use the jaws to break vacuum seals, the gripper to twist off caps and the notch to pop off bottle caps, and more you can think of with this multipurpose tool. Maximizes results by offering you instant access to virtually any vessel. Open cans without leaving sharp edges, pry tins, lift tabs, break seals, twist caps and much more.

AED 15
Electric Heating Lunch Box Electric Heating Lunch Box
59 % OFF

Electric Heating Lunch Box Case with Handle is a stylish, convenient and healthy way to enjoy your meals on the go. No more fast food lunches and microwaving your meals. Plug in an outlet and warm up your food right at your desk and enjoy.

AED 95 AED 39
Salad Spinner Salad Spinner
24 % OFF

Having Trouble preparing your Leafy vegetable salad, Salad spinner is a good kitchen tools that will help you prepare your leafy salad. It wash, dry and prepare your salad with 4 Step

AED 25 AED 19
Automatic Egg Roll Maker Automatic Egg Roll Maker
17 % OFF

The first time before use, be sure to clear egg's interior, do not let the plug dipped in water for cleaning. Easy to make a egg roll so simply. You eill enjoy it.

AED 59 AED 49
Frozen Fruit Yogurt and Ice Cream Maker Frozen Fruit Yogurt and Ice Cream Maker
20 % OFF

Bring home this frozen fruit yogurt and ice cream maker which works perfectly with frozen bananas. It is easy to operate, makes fat free and dairy free ice cream. It works great with other frozen fruits, chocolates and nuts as well. You must know that this product has absolutely dishwasher safe components. Plus, it is BPA free. Made with best in quality material, it is sure to last with you for years to come and will give you a good value for money.

AED 99 AED 79

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