Be the coolest house in the street and enjoy slushies and shakes all summer long with the designer delicious Zoku Slush and Shake Maker. Refreshing juices in the morning, healthy afternoon milkshake snacks, and evening drinks - the options are endless! Use your favourite fruit juice, whole milk or soy, chocolate or strawberry milk. And for the adults; frozen coffee or tea, watermelon or strawberry daiquiris, chilled eggnog. Any combination freezes into a delicious cool drink in just 7 minutes!

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Hand cleaning brush ,Dish washer with liquid soap dispenser , Just Open The Top and Add The Soap Or Detergent. Its Hidden Plunger Action Releases Soap Into Bristles When Pressed, And You Can Clean Without Using Extra Detergent Or Soap. It Scrubs Pots, Greasy Dishes, Pans, Tiles With Ease. You May Have To Add Water For Different Consistencies Of Liquid Soaps. It Protects Your Hands And Fingernails. It Is An Ideal Cleaning Brush For Kitchen, Bath, Laundry And Other Household Chores. It Is Dishwasher Safe And Not To Be Used For Non-Stick Surfaces. It Cuts Clean Up Time And Is An Essential Kitchen And Bath Tool.

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Usable for all kinds of batter: pancakes, muffins, cupcakes, cakes, waffles, cookies, even pizza-sauce and more!

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Citrus Zinger Citrus Zinger
34 % OFF

Customize your infused water with the Citrus Zinger. The Citrus Zinger offers an easy way to extract juice and flavor from citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle, so you have versatility to make a flavor combination that Zings!

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Single Cereal Dispenser is a great way to store cereal and other dry foods, and also free up some pantry space in your kitchen! Its transparent canister with airtight seal ensures to keep your favourite dry foods like cereal, beans, rice, pasta etc fresher for longer, while providing precise serving sizes every time.

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Have your favorite drink and a delicious snack all in one convenient container with the Snackeez Snack and Drink Cup. A sealed lid keeps snacks fresh, clean and ready to take with you. The capped straw prevents spills and leaks. A tight seal eliminates messes. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Each item features a 16 oz cup and room for a whole single-serving bag of chips. Snackeez Snack and Drink Travel Cup:

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Spray or Pour, you can control the amount of soy sauce, oil, etc. Great cook tool to save oil, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.Transparent body, let you can identify seasoner.

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Drink Water Pump is Easy To Use and Can Be Used for Everyday use in Home or Office Settings. Built for Heavy Duty the Drink Water Pump Can Also Be Used for Survival and Emergency Situations. Fits Most Water Bottles and For 5 Gallon Jugs of Water.

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Storing and replacing rubbish bags and bin liners has just got easier, cleaner and quicker

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Make your favorite drink or fruit infused water in just seconds with the Mighty Mixer Bottle. Drop in ingredients, twist on the top and shake. The secret is the revolutionary honeycomb designed blending core that blends the ingredients to most delicious drinks. Comes with a bonus freezable ice core that keeps beverages cool and refreshing on the go.

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Perfect Storage for Liquid Condiment such as Oil, Vinegar Etc. Dress salads with just the right amouts of oil and vinegar

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Never experience milk, juice or water spills again because the bottles were too heavy. The Magic Tap is the solution to your drippy drinking problems! It's a battery powered dispenser which can be used on any type of bottle, allowing kids and adults alike to simply press their glass against the tap and enjoy their drink!

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Designed to keep soda and other carbonated beverages from going flat.

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Automatic Magic Soap Dispenser Automatic Magic Soap Dispenser
51 % OFF

Soap Magic Dispenser uses motion sensing technology to dispense soap, it works like magic. Just wave your hand under it and the motion-activated dispenser lights up, spits out a perfect portion and chimes when finished. Creates a sanitary and healthier home or work environment.

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Triple Paper Dispenser for Cling Film Wrap or Aluminum Foil Triple Paper Dispenser for Cling Film Wrap or Aluminum Foil
47 % OFF

3 in 1 Kitchen Triple Paper Dispenser & Holder Paper/ Foil/ Cling Wrap - 3 in 1 Wrap Center Holds Silver Foil, Plastic Wrap, and Paper Towels All in One - Kitchen Wrap Dispenser, Kitchen Paper Dispenser, Kitchen Paper Holder, Foil Paper, Foil Holder

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Wraptastic the smart dispenser makes wrapping food super easy. Wraptastic,  wraps food in a flash, simply load plastic wrap, wax paper or foil then pull, press, wrap, cuts perfectly every time so there's no waste! Features hidden blade that cuts safely and easily. The non-slip rubber feet holds wraptastic in place. Wraptastic is spring loaded so it is easy to start and never bunches, sticks or rips apart. It fits all your favorite brands and standard with rolls up to 200 feet. Dishwasher safe and easy to store.

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Smart designed with Silicone Sucker Bottom and the vacuum chuck designing at the base which will not fall over at any angle ,but can be lift easily straight up. If you accidentally knock into it, the cup will not tip over. The groove of the cup will avoid the liquid dripping to the bottom. This can protect your document or laptop from water, and bring much convenience for your life. You're worth it! 

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Infuser, Detox Water Bottle Infuser, Detox Water Bottle
51 % OFF

800ml bottle with fruit infuser compartment. Infuse your water with a load of vitamins and flavour by adding fresh fruits into the infuser compartment. The infuser compartment can also be used to chill your water by adding ice cubes.

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3 Tier Drink Dispenser 3 Tier Drink Dispenser
20 % OFF

For effortless drinks service, the 3-Tier Drink Dispenser allows you to serve up to 3 different drinks all in one convenient beverage tower. Perfect for parties and buffets, this multi tier drinks dispenser will leave your guests spoilt for choice. 

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Drinks Dispenser with 3 Compartments Drinks Dispenser with 3 Compartments
14 % OFF

Wonderful drink dispenser Capable of dispensing 3 of your favorite drinks. Perfect for picnic, BBQ party, Buffets and more

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Double Cereal Dispenser Double Cereal Dispenser
35 % OFF

Keep bulk amounts of cereal fresh and crunchy with a dry food dispenser! These cereal dispensers make it easy for you to serve breakfast at your coffee shop, buffet, hotel continental breakfast, or diner.

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Helps you to easily mix and dispense eggs, flour and other foods

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