Clean up space of your kitchen cabinets and drawers with this versatile kitchen shelf rack organizers a great help! Organizers easy installation to the wall to save space and keep the knifes, spices and utensils. Talent, suitable for kitchen, as long as you like.

AED 49

Master Chef Three-Tier spice rack looks great in any kitchen and is useful to any cook who wants to keep spices handy. Comes with 6 beautifully designed spice jars with large curvy handles. Each jar has a spoon within it!

AED 69

This 3-piece set consists of an easy-press soap pump, for hand soaps and lotions, alongside an integrated sink tidy with separate compartments for storing a washing up brush and sponge and a refillable squeezy detergent bottle.

AED 34

Organise messy cutlery drawers with this practical and smart Drawer Store storage solution. The two halves of the tray can be finely adjusted to fit a variety of drawer sizes and lock securely together once in place. It cleverly provides four deep-sided compartments for holding cutlery, a utensil area for knives or larger kitchen tools and a handy, moveable storage dish for small, loose items.

AED 44
Zero Gravity Canister Wall Mount Magnetic Spice Rack Zero Gravity Canister Wall Mount Magnetic Spice Rack
42 % OFF

The zero gravity magnetic spice rack lives up to its name, as the spice canisters can be placed on or hung below the included stainless steel accent shelf or any other magnetic surface. Each canister includes a rubber foot which prevents scratching and also allows it to be placed on vertical surfaces.This spice stand includes 6 spice canisters, accent shelf and self-adhesive labels for spices. Each canister has a pour control system with 3 settings, including closed, sprinkle and pour.

AED 84 AED 49

A perfect center piece on dining or coffee tables to store sweets or crisps. Can also used as egg basket.

AED 29

The holder has 6 separate compartments/sections to hold 6 items. It looks smart due to its multi color look. Also it has a tray which keeps the containers neatly organised. Keep your favorite spices fresh and odor-free. It Can be used to hold a variety of condiments: salt, pepper, sugar etc

AED 24

Spice rack keeps spices within easy reach while saving valuable counter and kitchen space. 

AED 49
Expandable Kitchen Drawer Dividers with 5-Piece Expandable Kitchen Drawer Dividers with 5-Piece
62 % OFF

Storage and organizational products for the kitchen, closet, and jewelry organization.

AED 89 AED 34
Select A Spice Carousel Select A Spice Carousel
22 % OFF

Smart spice carousel's rotating base makes seasonings easy to grab, while 12 canisters measure 1/4 teaspoon with each click, shake or pour. Made to stack or mount beneath a cabinet, it comes with a sheet of pre-printed labels for added organization.

AED 89 AED 69

Turns a mess of spices into an organized masterpiece. Spicy Shelf expands and contracts to fit all cupboards. Can be stacked or placed side by side so there is no wasted space. Spice rack holds up to 64 bottles of spices.

AED 34

Clip n Store keeps all your spices organized and eliminates cabinet clutter!

AED 15
Portable Refrigerator Container Portable Refrigerator Container
12 % OFF


AED 17 AED 15
Spin and Store, 49 Pcs Storage Box Spin and Store, 49 Pcs Storage Box
29 % OFF

Spin ‘N’ Store facilitates the convenient storage of 49 plastic boxes. Simply choose the desired size of the organizer.

AED 69 AED 49

Organised storage space for the sink area. Integrated drainer for cloths and sponges.

AED 16
16 Jars Spice Rack Set 16 Jars Spice Rack Set
8 % OFF

Spice rack keeps spices within easy reach while saving valuable counter and kitchen space. 

AED 59 AED 54
6 Pcs Pop Up Spice Rack Set 6 Pcs Pop Up Spice Rack Set
38 % OFF

Adding a little extra flavor to a dish doesn’t take much effort, but having to hunt down ingredients at the back of a packed kitchen cupboard does. A fun, convenient way to store spices in spice rack.

AED 39 AED 24

Set of 12 Pcs Jars Rubberwood spice rack with good quality. Glass is making it easy to see the spices and wash it whenever you want, The design of the spice rack organize all your spices very easy.

AED 64

Organize your condiment such, as pepper, paprika, salt, etc with this 6 pcs spice jar set that comes along with spice tray. Avoid cluttered kitchen and start using this spice jars.

AED 44

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