Reusable Silicone Gloves with Wash Scrubber Reusable Silicone Gloves with Wash Scrubber
30 % OFF

 2-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION: cleaning gloves and dish brushes are two-in-one for kitchen, dishwashing, fruit and vegetable cleaning, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bed room, removing the wardrobe dust, caring for pet hair and car wash

AED 99 AED 69

Auto-sensing system: it will turn on when you close to the toilet, auto off when you leave. 8-Color light emission: 8-color light in turn, each color for 15seconds randomly, 120seconds overall for a circle, you can also fix one color you desire.

AED 15

Handy Heater provides quick and easy heat instantly! Just plug in and turn on. The compact design for convenience. This powerful ceramic heater heats up to 250 square feet of space. It is perfect for garages, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. Free up floor space since there are no messy cables! Handy Heater features whisper-quiet operation and an auto shutoff timer. It stays cool to the touch, but heats up fast! The adjustable thermostat ranges from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

AED 64

It is the perfect tool for paintwork! Saving time & avoid mess. This product comes with extension polesrods which allow you the freedom & flexibility to extend up to 37 for those hard to reach areas such as stairs hallways, ceilings and etc

AED 29

Refrigerator latch helps prevent children from opening fridges or freezers. May also suit other household appliances which don't generate heat. Surface needs to be cleaned and dried, prior to using the adhesive.

AED 20

Hanging Trash Bag Holder Attached Anywhere! Eco-friendly plastic frame recycles all those plastic grocery bags! Rear mount clips onto any drawer or door, with a strong, supportive frame that secures standard grocery bags.

AED 29

Battery operated, mounts anywhere with no wiring, easy mounting anywhere throughout the house. With magnetic back plates cordless, Stick On with velcro tape Included or Hang on Wall

AED 29
My Buddy Plus Laptop Cooling Table My Buddy Plus Laptop Cooling Table
24 % OFF

The Newest Innovation In Laptop Table Trays Has Arrived, Keep Your Machine Cool While You Are Working Hard! This Versatile Version Of The Laptop Buddy Folds Up To Fit In Most Laptop Carrying Bags And Sets Up In Seconds. Built To Last And For The Utmost Convenience, The Laptop Buddy Is The Pinnacle Of Ergonomics And Functionality.

AED 84 AED 64

Bring the brilliance of stars to your home. Star Shower is easy to set up and showers your home in beautiful, festive stars while using 99 percent less energy than conventional string lights. With up to 3000 square feet of display space and a 100-yard projection range, you will enjoy a stunning display that is perfect for holidays, parties, celebrations and more.

AED 59

Flex Tape can bond together with any object you need sealed. Using a rubberized, thick & flexible material, the tape can give a water-tight seal onto any shape or object. The waterproof tape can even be applied in any condition, be it hot, cold, wet, or dry & even while underwater!

AED 29

Compact, Organize Storage! Pill Pro is the perfect pill/vitamin organizer for all ages.

AED 29

Turns your home's wiring into a pest repellent force-field.It can attract and capture mosquitoes and other biting insects like midges, black flies and no-see-ums You can use it directly to kill biting insects and mosquitoes.

AED 20

Self massage rubbing
Pressure boost water saving
Water purification Filter
Personal health care

AED 49
Portable Water Drop Ultrasonic USB Air Humidifier Portable Water Drop Ultrasonic USB Air Humidifier
23 % OFF

Portable Water-Drop Ultrasonic USB Air Humidifier for Car, Home. Humidify the air in the room, give you a comfortable environment.

AED 44 AED 34

Start cleaning up the clutter in your closets and drawers with this magic folding boards Fold practically anything in no time at all T-shirts, short- and long-sleeve shirts, collared shirts, pants and more

AED 20

Baseboard Buddy removes the hard work from cleaning baseboards by removing the need to get down on your knees and scrub the dirt and grime. Baseboard Buddy’s adjustable design the work for you. It allows you to extend the handle to the desired length, place the microfiber pad against the baseboard, and walk as the pad glides and lifts the dirt away.

AED 49

Giant Key is a wall mounted organizer and key magnet that gives you a handy slot to throw your mail into, assuming you're not already on your way to the garbage, and it's also magnetic so you can throw your keys at it and they will stick. The magnetic key holder organizer contains a strong magnet at the bottom that can hold several sets of keys at a time, and has a curved design on the top to your hold your mail.

AED 29
Hurricane Spin Scrubber Hurricane Spin Scrubber
45 % OFF

Hurricane Spin Scrubber will blast through every last bit of dirt, grime, soap scum, lime scale, calcium and hard water stains like a whirlwind! With three interchangeable heads, spinning at an incredible 300rpm, and an extension pole that means you can reach every corner of your bathroom without bending or stretching.

AED 154 AED 84

This toilet stool is detachable and can be disassembled so that you can take it with you wherever you go. It is very cool that you can disassemble as needed.

AED 34
Ergonomic Multifunction laptop desk Ergonomic Multifunction laptop desk
16 % OFF

Lightweight, portable and compact design makes it easy to carry and store

AED 64 AED 54

Completely non-abrasive Perfect for rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, waterproof watches and even coins, dentures or retainers Just add a little water and washing liquid to clean all jewellery Cordless and compact design for convenient cleaning Intuitive functioning with an on/off switch. Cleans all types of jewellery, coins with ultrasonic wave energy

AED 39

Install Instantly Simply position the handle on the tub or shower wall and flip down the tabs to lock the super grip suction cups in the place. Can be effortlessly removed and relocated. Re positions easily anywhere, any angle.

AED 44

Ran out of room on your desk for your morning needed coffee? This desk cup holder clip will help that. It extends room on your work space so you can always enjoy a hot cup of whatever it is you like to drink. Simply snap the clip onto your desk and let it hold your cup.

AED 14

Use the Large Schticky to remove cobwebs, clean curtains and other hard to reach places! Just wash in warm water to reuse

AED 29
Ever Brite Solar Powered Motion Activated LED Solar Light Ever Brite Solar Powered Motion Activated LED Solar Light
42 % OFF

Solution for your outdoor lighting areas like over doorbells, garage and stairs. It is presenting a stick up motion activated solar powered LED light without any mess of wiring. This motion-activated solar power LED light comes with stick on adhesive on the back for quick and easy installation on virtually any surface. It is durable and weatherproof, installs in seconds, motion-activated, and never needs any batteries. It is great for stairs, patios, over the garage, over doorbells, and near the front door.

AED 59 AED 34

Fix, fill, repair and seal anything in five seconds or less. 

AED 15

Aqua Rug is like a loofah for your feet! This soft mat gently cleans from your heels to your toes while providing sure footing with each step. Place over the drain in your tub or shower—water runs right through it. The fast-drying design is mildew, mold and fade resistant. It’s designed to stay in place and secures with attached suction cups. Machine wash, hang dry. 

AED 35
Plumber's Hero Drain Unclogging Kit Plumber's Hero Drain Unclogging Kit
51 % OFF

Plumbers Hero Kit 20 Uses In Every Can Opens/Unclogs Drains.

AED 89 AED 44

Cordless sweeper's twin rotating brushes do all the cleaning work for you using Roto Sweep action to pull in dirt, crumbs, and pet hair, and collect it in the onboard waste bin.

AED 44

Adds a dazzling star shower look to your home for the holidays
New model projects thousands of moving green and red stars
Perfect for indoor/outdoor use to light up a party or your yard

AED 69

Glass window cleaning tool retractable pole clean window device with melamine sponge head double faced glass scraper wipe, High-rise buildings Cabo window cleaner telescopic glass cleaner cloth wiping clean windows Cleaning Brushes tool

AED 69

Protect baby from unexpected danger of opening cabinet door. Easy to apply, just paste on the cabinet door.

AED 15

Incredible Rug Grippers keeps rugs and mats in place to prevent slips and trips.
Suitable for all shapes or mats and rugs
Prevent curled corners, bunches, slips & trips.
Press & stick on hard flooring and even carpeting to keep area rugs in place.

AED 20

Mighty Blaster Firemen's Hose Nozzles are modeled after hoses used by professional firefighters and can deliver everything from a fine mist to a powerful stream. With numerous settings, you'll be able to simply twist the nozzle to adjust and use it to power clean household siding, dirty vehicles, or driveways. Twist the nozzle again to water bushes or mist flower beds! Its rugged design provides long-lasting durability, and the ergonomic shape allows you to use it longer without fatigue.

AED 20

A way to comfortably use your laptop computer while relaxing on the bed or couch? Furinno laptop table is designed to provide you with full control and flexibility to place the laptop at your most comfortable position regardless where you are sitting or standing.

AED 89

Pillow can be used as cushion, pillow, or purely as a plush toy to express yourself. Using energy-efficient LED safety lights, one button to open RGB light, very easy to operate

AED 29

Dream Tents Sleep Aid for Children Pop Up Light Up Tent are fun pop up sleep tents that give your child their own private world at night. They function as a sleep aid, helping you get a good night sleep by surrounding your bed with a peaceful image. They are the perfect addition to your bedding collection. Combined with your favorite pillows, the Dream Tents Sleep Aid for Children Pop Up Light Up Tent is the ultimate sleep aid for your bedding.

AED 69

These kits can be used for accent lighting, power outages, dark closets, camping, drawers, under-cabinets and a much more (application photos below). Because the light strips easily contour around curves and are installed by peeling the stick backing, they can be used almost anywhere by anyone looking for quick and easy lighting.

AED 24

Gripeez is an amazing new product that has made it quick and easy to mount any object without using nails or other adhesives that do serious damage to walls and other surfaces. Gripeez will hang and hold objects anywhere in just a matter of seconds. You simply peel, stick, and hang and the object holds steady until you are ready to remove. The Gripeez Hanging Pads are also reusable. Simply rinse and they are ready to use again – up to 1,000 times!

AED 15

It is very simple to use and a great piece of equipment to have at home or when going out for shopping or tour. It comes in very handy in a workshop, warehouse, office, or business places. It is really practical and folds completely flat for easy storage and transport. After all, the last thing you want is another item taking up precious space.!
The handle is extendable and with a single movement, the load plate and the wheels open or close simultaneously. The non-slip load plate will ensure the load doesn’t slide around, when using. What’s more, you’ll never complain of back ache, after the work is done!

AED 84

The simple self-cleaning system by this MyFun Fish Cleaning Tank, can be activated when you pour clean water up to the top of the aquarium. It will initiates siphon that flushes out waste trapped in the reservoir while performing a partial water change.

AED 44

With Lock Wallet you can be sure your hard-earned money and personal information is safe and secure from thieves and fraudsters.

AED 19

Have this in your kitchen, an easy to use tool. This Trash Holder keep the garbage bag useable even without a trash can. Just insert the garbage bag in between its lid hang it in table bracket or anywhere it is applicable; instantly you have a place to dump your trash.

AED 15

Remote controlled battery powered pillar candles, they are made from real wax and in the amber colour mode look like real candles, by pressing the mode button on the remote they will flicker like a real candle

AED 34
Magic Mesh Hands Free Screen Door Magic Mesh Hands Free Screen Door
51 % OFF

Opens easily and then instantly closes behind you using 18 powerful magnets to keep fresh air in and annoying bugs out. 

AED 59 AED 29

Fix A Zipper fixes any zipper in a flash! It works on most common zipper mishaps including split zipper tracks, broken sliders and up to 3 missing teeth, snaps on in seconds and works like new. Works on tents, suitcases, duffle bags, boots and shoes, boat canvas tops, golf bags, backpacks, sleeping bags, clothing and jackets, purses, and much more. 

AED 12

While not spectacular, this key holder embodies what good design should be about: making everyone’s life easier in an elegant way.

AED 15

All you need for speedy window cleaning and a crystal-clear finish, inside and out.This mop has an on-board water tank, so there’s no bucket & no dirty water to tip away afterwards

AED 39

A revolutionize design glass wiper. It comes in 3 in 1 function. With built in Sprayer where disinfectant and cleaning solution can be stored and dispense when needed. The head has wiper and microfiber cloth to easily switch on cleaning heads while wiping out dirt in the glass.

AED 39
Water Air Purifier Water Air Purifier
29 % OFF

Eliminates airborne bacteria & germs

AED 69 AED 49

Twin Draft Guards are double sided to provide double air-leak protection and move with the door when opening and closing

AED 12

There is probably no easier way to pull a muscle than moving furniture unprepared. Indeed, even lifting weights at the gym is less problematic, and most people take the time to stretch before committing to vigorous exercise. Furniture Lifter are ideal for anybody that wishes to move heavy items around the home with ease.

AED 35

Creative automatic toothpaste dispenser is made up of toothbrush holder, toothpaste squeezer pump. The different functions perfectly satisfy all your families needs .

AED 16
Swivel Sweeper Swivel Sweeper
39 % OFF

The Swivel Sweeper is a new floor and carpet sweeper innovation that lets you clean dirt and messes faster and easier than ordinary cordless sweepers. It combines the cleaning power of powerful, rotating cleaning brushes that pick up dirt and messes from all four sides of the sweepers' head. 

AED 89 AED 54

Oversized, soft squeeze grip design, supports ease of carrying heavy weight

AED 10

Tilts and Swivels 360 Degrees so you have the Perfect Amount of LED light Where you Need it!

AED 24
Key Ninja, Key Organizer Key Ninja, Key Organizer
21 % OFF

Eliminate your bulky keychain with the uber-functional Key Ninja.

AED 19 AED 15
Professional Paint Zoom, Spray System Professional Paint Zoom, Spray System
32 % OFF

Want to make your furniture look new and beautiful? Are you planning to paint your walls, door, etc? Have this professional paint system with you to make your work easily and professionally look like.

AED 94 AED 64

Handy portable luggage scale! It's compact and light enabling you to just throw it into your luggage and take it with you. 

AED 24
Snuggie Blanket Snuggie Blanket
71 % OFF

Super Soft Fleece Blanket With Sleeves,One-Size-Fits-All Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves

AED 65 AED 19
Minion Toothpaste Dispenser Minion Toothpaste Dispenser
34 % OFF

With cute cartoon fashion modeling, sprout people little face.It is to make you fall in love with each morning's secret weapon

AED 29 AED 19

GoGo Pillow enables you to use your tablet or smartphone in comfort and style. It features a multi-slot design that allows your device to be locked securely in place when using it. This GoGo tablet pillow transforms to provide neck support and comfort while traveling. Super soft plush fabric offers extra cushioning. 

AED 44

Intended to facilitate work with adhesive tapes. Thanks to a tape cutting blade, an adjustable tape tension device and a protective blade installed in the dispenser allows the operator to dispense the tape comfortably and safely.

AED 19

Hot Melt Glue Gun is ideal for bonding toys, artificial flowers, woodworking, decorations, cardboard and much more. Perfect for Home Repairs, hobbies and Crafts.

AED 35
360° Rotating Spin Mop 360° Rotating Spin Mop
29 % OFF

Adjustable angle of head will eliminate your inconvenient posture while doing the choir.
Can be used to clean, glass, marble, floor kitchen and bathroom

AED 69 AED 49

The high density pillow (50cm x 30cm x 10cm) is designed for ultimate comfort and to provide maximum support which assists correct spinal alignment while sleeping. 

AED 39

The innovative and surprising Like Magic Cleaner mini magnetic glass cleaner has been specifically designed to clean glass.  This mini format is much more comfortable and easy to use for narrow corners and small surfaces. 

AED 19
Toothpaste Dispenser Toothpaste Dispenser
41 % OFF

Take out the toothpaste lid and insert the suction inlet. If this not tightly inserted, it will make air flow in causing less extrusion on the quantity or not easy to be squeezed out

AED 49 AED 29

Mini Water Spray Fan not only practical for new-born babies. Adult also need special treatment and should be better with good humidity! With hot weather recently, this new invention of Mini Fan Air Conditioning One Fan suitable for home, outdoor or office use!

AED 34
Mini Air Conditioner Cooling Fan Mini Air Conditioner Cooling Fan
31 % OFF

Combines Water Evaporation With Fan: Works As An Air Conditioner As Well As A Humidifier

AED 49 AED 34

Useful for air conditioning and heating room to play the effect of humidification,It is great for your home, office and car use.

AED 39

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