Mini Oven 15 L Mini Oven 15 L
40 % OFF

4 Period Power Control (300, 400, 700, 900 W)
Rated Power 900 W
Time Control (0- 60 mins)
Sound and Light Indicator 
Comes With a 2 pcs Toast Rack, Bake and Crum Tray

AED 199 AED 120

Revolutionizing the hot meal experience! personal portable oven great for the office, the job site, the campsite or anywhere you have an outlet. Now you can enjoy fresh-cooked hot meals, reheated meals or perfectly cooked prepackaged meals anywhere. The Hot Logic Mini slowly and evenly heats your meal to preserve moisture and enhance flavor. No super-hot overcooked edges, no frozen centers and no worries about sharing a dirty microwave.

AED 69
Double Sided Foldable Frying Grill Pan Double Sided Foldable Frying Grill Pan
17 % OFF

The Double Sided Pan provides two types of surfaces – a flat surface and a riffled surface. Both sides distribute the heat evenly so you are able to get perfectly grilled meat every single time! Other than grilling, the Double Sided pan is also ideal for frying and also can be used as a pressure pan so you can experience meats that are falling of the bone without sacrificing hours of your time!

AED 59 AED 49

Smokeless indoor barbeque grill is a stovetop grill that keep the meat moist while the fats drain away. The water filled drip pan ensures smoke free cooking. The steam coming from the drip pan speeds cooking and prevent drying. Seasonings can be added to the water on the drip pan to add subtle flavor

AED 25
Turbo Convection Oven 20 L Turbo Convection Oven 20 L
42 % OFF

Delight your family and friend with delicious food you can cooked and serve with this convention Oven. Now you can broil, roast, bake and grill using 1 kitchen equipment. This is definitely a necessity in your kitchen.

AED 189 AED 109
Halogen Grilller Pan with Temperature Control Halogen Grilller Pan with Temperature Control
35 % OFF

A revolutionize electric Grill and frying pan. This halogen Grill pan provide a smokeless cooking experience

AED 199 AED 129
Electric Griller Electric Griller
50 % OFF

Convenient fast way to prepare healthy meals. Just plug in the unit, wait for heat indicator light to turn on before placing your meat, fish and vegetables on the grill and close the lid.

AED 189 AED 94

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